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About Us

AlDoha History and Future

We are serious about our commitment to develop, grow, package and sell the best products, From our Products varieties, and rigid "inspect each grain" quality, to our unique, innovative packaging, AlDoha products are truly different as they are made with the finest all-natural ingredients using exacting standards and rigorous attention to detail. Each product we develop provides a special quality, taste , texture, making it perfectly suited for great meals that offer both great taste and great nutritious value

Our mission is to spread the culture of dried foods, focusing on innovation; we aim at improving our products to meet the requirements of modern consumers.


To be the World's Leading Food Company and to be the consumer's preferred choice by leading superior branded food.

Brand Promise

"Respecting People, Bringing Quality standards to them, that's What We Value"

Al Doha Company for food stuff is one of the leading companies in the field of processing food products and packaging in the Egyptian market Al Doha was founded in 1980, since that time Al Doha passed through great past and now we are craving a widely presence for great future in the field of packaged dried foods

  • Our Story begins with selecting the best quality seeds from all over the world to introduce them to our value consumers to guarantee their satisfaction
  • Our in-house experts work closely with farmers, producers, traders and suppliers, carefully selecting, just the right grains to start the story of quality and consistency that every consumer expect from Al Doha products.
  • We were keen to invest all new technologies to our industry and we continue to introduce a wide variety of products that fulfill our customer's expectations. As we offer the best natural nourishment along all our dried foods categories. We have an extensive range of products that include " Rice, Sugar, Flour, Beans and Spices "


Carefully selected Our in-house experts work closely with farmers and suppliers carefully selecting just the right grains to give you the quality and consistency expected from AlDoha brand,in order to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers, we carefully select production areas for the ingredients of our major products, conduct strict examinations to the process of manufacturing, manufacturing environment and management systems. We only use ingredients, of which safeness and reliability are confirmed by us.

Quality Guaranteed At our factory, we conduct quality management by implementing acceptance inspection, strictly following manufacturing routines,

Purity AlDoha Products are Free from any impurities and it is also cleaned , sortexed, and Polished by paraffin healthy oil that is used in medicines so by that AlDoha rice is hygiene nutritious rice that is ready for direct cooking

Nutritious AlDoha Products are sourced naturally, perfectly treated and processed so that it contains the highest protein Percentages, very low sodium and no cholesterol



We are always keen to promote the last modern technologies of processing and packaging throughout all our products lines, which is based on continuous improvement and development so, we're using specially customized machines processing cleaning, screening, sorting and finally packaging

Our Packaging concept rely on raising the protection of our products inside so as keeping the products away from all external insufficient factors.


Al Doha introduce a premium range of pure Italian semolina pasta as we are committed to introduce healthy, nutritious and high quality products that helps you make great dishes. We are dedicated to make the mealtime meaningful, nutritious and great experience for all family members


Al Doha Food Company adheres to the highest international standards in the food industry while continually improving its products and processes with adhering the latest technology to meet and exceed the international specifications


We're always eager to hear what our customers have to say about our products, if you need to communicate with us please enter the require fields.

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