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Our Products


We offer a range of rice varieties to make cooking more easily without compromising on taste, so now you don't have to wash the rice as it is already pre-washed for your great plates.. View Product


Al Doha introduce a premium range of pure Italian semolina pasta as we are committed to introduce healthy, nutritious and high quality products that helps you make great dishes. We are dedicated to make the mealtime meaningful, nutritious and great experience for all family members. View Product


We are committed to bring the purest flavor for all your plates by souring the best spices as pure flavor starts with superior taste combined with our experience , as we get the best quality flavor without any additives and removing impurities so that we guarantee the strongest pure flavor by using the least amount. View Product


Our range guarantee the best quality and purity for every grain ,which begin with the selection of the most valuable and natural crops to the processing and storage phase as our beans range passes through several stages of purification, sorting ,cleaning and polishing done by the latest electronic and mechanical technology. View Product


Our unbleached all-purpose flour is used in baking everything from high-rising yeast breads to flaky pie crust to cookies, AlDoha flour does it all. View Product


We select high quality naturally refined sugar without being bleached or chemically manipulated in addition to that we deliver healthy sugar by using machines containing magnetic detectors that collect all the iron impurities. And by this we serve high sweetened Natural Sugar and we deliver the ultimate sweet taste experience View Product